Nuo Model Viewer

Nuo Model Viewer is a 3D renderer which is extremely simple, yet capable of generating images close to professional quality. It is a hackable renderer, whose source code is easy to understand, and is a good start point of learning computer graphics for real-world tasks. This whole site is dedicated to provide a complete tutorial on real time rendering around it.

With the help of this site and Nuo Model Viewer, and modest effort of learning, you will find that generating images like the “augmented reality” scene shown above through your own code is far less harder than you thought, only little more than displaying a JPEG on the screen.

The major features of Nuo Model Viewer,

  • Open source.
  • Blend virtual object with real photo.
  • Light weight and modular. It has a light weight core which can server as a super light weight reusable rendering engine.
  • Perform in real time with moderate quality for still image rendering.