About The Site

This is the site about Nuo Model Viewer, and all material regarding computer graphics which uses Nuo Model Viewer as the example.


Nuo Model Viewer is a simple 3D renderer, around which a tutorial is provided for beginners about how to learn computer graphics, in particular, real time rendering using GPU and macOS Metal.


As a 18-year veteran in software building, I do have lots of thought on the field and keep summarizing them in my other blog. On the other hand, this site is dedicated to introducing well established knowledge in computer graphics, with the help of a renderer which is simple yet capable of accomplish some real-world tasks. After all, the field of computer graphics is already hard enough for its plain knowledge.

About Myself

I am a software developer who has been working in the industry for 18 years. I consider myself a long time veteran in software building, yet still a beginner in the real time rendering field.

I have a blog in Chinese about my thought on software building. It is still updated with new articles.